Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Only Bathroom Guarded (that I know of) by a 35 Foot Mexican Stereotype

South of the Border was one of the most hilarious/creepy places I have ever visited. If you have not road-tripped the Carolinas you may be unfamiliar with this landmark. It is advertised for about 150 miles; each sign is a pun about Mexicans. Once you arrive you enter Pedro's realm of South of the Border, which is shockingly HUGE. Everything there is huge, giant hotdog buildings, elephantine Mexican's are everywhere, like this one guarding the bathroom. When I went this summer it was as unplanned visit rather late in the evening, so very little was open and it was eerily abandoned. It was just us (my dad and I) and the gargantuan sombreroed/mustacheoed/gap toothed Mexican statues under their obelisk of power, the sombrero tower. It was word the visit if only to feel like I was in a real life scooby doo episode.

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