Friday, May 2, 2008

A Small Victory

You may or may not have caught it, but my last cryptic post was about how I need to make the few ceramic pieces that I have made this semester appear to be a cohesive body of work, for the sake of my grade. I decided I would take some artistic liberties with my works and expand them into the photographic realm. This is because I need to make my relatively mundane pottery seem artistic. So I thought, "What better way to make ceramic art than with lasers and LEDs." I'm sure the teacher will think there is all sorts of juxtaposition between earthy colors and space-age laser beams. Great. Only problem is I need a ton of lasers. My problems were solved as they usually are, with random happenstance. My first stop to find lasers was Staples. Office Supplies, laser pointers for presentations, you get the idea. Staples definitely did have lasers, but I didn't need the LAZX8999 ergonomic racing grip for $36.99. As I said, I wanted a bunch of them, so spending hundreds of dollars was out of the question. Then I went to Best Buy where I was promptly told they no longer carry lasers. However, some random middle-aged guy buying guitar hero overheard me and told me to go to a pet store. At first I thought he might be a crazy person that wandered into Best Buy for the AC, but then I remember how one of my cats at home used to go crazy chasing a laser dot. So I hopped on the bus and made the trek over to PetCo. Sure enough, they sell lasers labeled as the "Laser Chase II," for $4.99! What a steal! So I bought all the lasers they had. The pictures and description on the box are priceless. It says, "Dogs, cats, birds, lizards, and even fish go wild as they chase the red laser..." Nothing strange there. However, each of those animals has a line drawn to it and a picture to illustrate the animal. The fish is a shark, the bird is an owl, and the lizard is a T-Rex. Wow.

After all that, I took it home and took one experimental picture. It's not the greatest, but it is a proof of concept. I will be able to create my vision, or something. The picture is above.

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  1. Hey what a great idea to get out of doing your work ! Laziness is the mother of invention? Well anyway I'm glad your feeling well enough to trec to PetCo ! Post up some more of your pics when you can, they look really kewl!

    -middle aged man