Friday, November 28, 2008

DIY Discovery Channel = Awesome

     As you may have noticed photography is fascinating to me.  I really enjoy taking photographs and have become somewhat enamored with DSLRs over the last few years.  I generally use my Nikon D70 for taking pictures anywhere but the bar and at house parties (really anywhere that doesn't serve alcohol).  It serves all my photography needs and my level of ability.  However, there is one area of photography really interests me, and that is high-speed photography. 
     The idea of being able to capture extreme action and slow it down to turtle speed just sounds awesome.  Unfortunately it has always been an unattainable dream because high-speed video cameras are often thousands of dollars more than I am willing to spend.  That has all changed.  Casio has released a digital camera (most unattractively known as the EX-FH20) that can shoot high-speed video for $599.99!  It shoots 720p video, 30 fps video, 210 fps video, 420 fps video, and 1,000 fps video.  This really brings a previously inaccessible realm of photography to the amateur.  Now you can take slo-mo vidoes of yourself doing stupid things and post them on youtube for all the world to see.  We can revel in your explosions and watch the the hairs of your eyebrows melt away at 420 fps. Coolness.  I am not only excited to save for one of these to take my own video, but to see all the things that people will start to share with this camera.  Coolness.

That's all I have for now, just a little tidbit of consumer sexiness on the eve of Black Friday.

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