Sunday, June 29, 2008

Which Clockwise Is It?

Here is an interesting animation* of what appears to be a spinning woman. Take a close look at it. What direction is she spinning when you look at it. Clockwise or counter-clockwise? According to some the direction in which you see the woman spinning hints and whether you are "right-brained" (artistic, philosophic, emotional, etc...) or "left brained" (logic driven, pays attention to detail, scientific, etc...)

Clockwise = more right brained
Counter-clockwise = more left brained

I am not so sure about this interpretation, but I will leave the judgment call to you.

After looking at this a few times you may be able to see the woman spinning in both directions. Click "Read More" for a hint for seeing it go counter-clockwise if you initially see it rotating clockwise.

Try focusing on the direction her shadow is moving and slowly direct your gaze up towards her body. You may see her go counter for a sec and then lose it. After a couple glances you should be able to "control" her direction.

*borrowed from the Sunday Herald

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