Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Testing my Will

I just got back from the doctor's office for the third time this month and boy was a it a good visit. I have been pretty sick for almost all of April, which has been pretty trying. Each time I have visited the doctor previous to today they would take a look at me, shrug, and say "look like you have allergies, here are some sudafed." Super. Today a met with another doctor, because I just wasn't satisfied with the old "alergies" response anymore. There is just something a little frustrating about going to the doctor and having them point out that you are sick and wish you luck. Today, however, the practitioner was more concerned. She ran some tests (finally) and based on her professional opinion, believes that I am having a resurgence of mono. with a lil' bit of strep on the side. It makes me wonder, is there really someone up there pulling the strings, trying to test me? Or maybe I'm God's version of reality TV. Just give him BOTH so we can see what hilarity ensues! Either way; this sucks.

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