Thursday, April 17, 2008


This has been one hell of a week. I have been trying to shake illness for almost two week and instead of getting better it decides to get worse. The good news is I was able to convince my doctor to give me some antibiotics. The bad news is I have had more assignments due these past couple weeks than all semester. So it goes. On a ridiculously childish note, I have been assigned to put on my own rendition of a scene from Almodóvar's Volver with a group of my classmates in Spanish. Aside from being reminded of middle-school I am rather enjoying my directorial duties. I get to play a dead guy who is talking from inside a cardboard refrigerator. Neat! Anyway, sometimes its fun to butcher excellent films in a way that would have made the actual director cringe. Click the video to listen to the title song, I really enjoy it. It's called "Volver" by Estrella Morente

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